Chemistry as a Language, Chinese as a Landscape

The Chemistry Redemption

The Chemistry Redemption and the Next Copernican Shift (2010, 488 pages) This work is a philosophical treatise, accompanied by hands-on chemistry experiments. Available at

See my related article "On the boundary between laboratory 'givens' and laboratory 'tangibles' " in Foundations of Chemistry here.

The Chemistry Redemption PDF

Chinese As It Is: A 3D Sound Atlas with First 1000 Characters available on, reviewed in Sino-Platonic Papers (2011) 208:109-112.

These two books are also available for (free) downloading from this site as PDFs. These are not quite what you would call 'ebooks' but the effect is similar because both pdfs are very heavily hyperlinked. See also Page Two where other pdfs are available for downloading.

Chinese As It Is PDF

Chinese As It Is
A Calculus Oasis

A Calculus Oasis on the sands of trigonometry (2013, viii + 252 pages)

Available as a paperback from, or free pdf here.

A Calculus Oasis

Paper presented at the 2014 Biennial Conference on Chemical Education, Grand Valley State College, full title: Unsung hero of the electrochemical cell: the wave front traveling near c. Click below for pdf.

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